Experienced Agri-food Factory

Our Journey and Expertise

Mano Food, established in 2005, has grown to dominate the market with a capacity of 50 tons per day.

The journey of Mano Food started with the vision of creating high-quality Agri-food products in Egypt.

Mano Food serves markets worldwide, including the USA, Brazil, Spain, Italy, and more.

Our Core Values

Guiding principles that drive our business and define our commitment to quality.


We prioritize quality at every stage of production to deliver top-notch Agri-food products.


We continuously innovate our processes to meet evolving market demands and customer preferences.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business, reflected in our long-standing client relationships.

Join Our Culinary Journey

Experience the essence of Egyptian Agri-food with Mano Food. Take a bite of excellence today.

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